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5%) Mr Lammy eliminated and his votes redistributed.
The 40 million immigrants (citizen and non-citizen) in the 2010 census redistributed 18 seats.
The states with the lowest resident physician-to-population ratio will get 70% of the redistributed positions.
State programs may also protect pharmaceutical manufacturers from any liability of drugs that are returned and redistributed.
11) Often, notes can be redistributed between the hands to eliminate tenths (Example 4), to eliminate stretchy arpeggios (Example 5) or to eliminate leaps.
Once the program is "cracked" once, the EFF notes, it could be redistributed ad infinitum across the Internet.
To improve customer service, it redistributed tax-return workloads among its 10 regional processing centers.
The second choices of the Nader voters would have been redistributed in eight states (including ME), representing 73 electoral votes.
According to Mercer Vice President Tim Byrne, the year 2000 will be remembered as one in which wealth was redistributed in the Internet space.
One of the effects of current globalization is that brown folks are still being redistributed.
Representatives from the reservation drove to Arvada in April and picked up nearly 200 bicycles, which were redistributed to children at the reservation.
Produced for Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming, the report claims that, while there are important benefits over the short-term, the upward of 3,000 tons of food redistributed every year can cause problems.