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9) The redistributive function of the funds levied would accrue merely to the poor who spend the money.
The redistributive effects from countries with trade surpluses to those with export deficits, however, make it unlikely that the international reform will find enough support to revolutionize the global tax system.
They are less likely to say if they resist the "National" if that means that the big public service is also one whose effect is redistributive as well.
Recent works on public opinion in Goulart's Brazil have shown high public support for socio-economic redistributive policies, such as agrarian and tax reforms (Ferreira and Gomes 2014; Motta 2014).
This sequence of events provides us with an opportunity to evaluate the income redistributive effect of PIT policy in both static and changing policy periods.
Our hope is that future work trying to explain the evolution of redistributive preferences will try to fit the new stylized facts we establish in this study.
Probably the most widespread threat to a city's continuing success is redistributive taxation.
This at a time when a strong governance of football, with regulatory and redistributive powers, is needed more than ever.
Following the Scheme for redistributive payments, totaling BGN 109 M, farmers will be able to get higher subsidies for the first 300 decars.
Communist countries, where egalitarian experiments led to economic disaster, long served as "Exhibit A" in the case against redistributive policies.
By focusing on a person's redistributive preference, this paper also shows that subjective dimensions of income inequality can affect substantive outcomes.
and later mentioning that UKIP would go further than the Tories in privatising the NHS, we all now have clear video evidence of Nigel Farage making more comments to try and introduce a "French or Dutch private insurance model" instead of a redistributive free at the point of use NHS as created by the new Labour Government after the Second World War.