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Hamilton, a former longtime executive director of the Texas GOP, has been involved in politics for the past three redistricting cycles.
Nonpartisan redistricting reform is supported by the vast majority of Marylanders, and the state is widely recognized for containing some of the most gerrymandered districts in the nation.
Everyone who cares about public policy has a stake in redistricting because it sets the stage for elections.
In 2012, the Florida Legislature adopted a redistricting map for the congressional districts in the United States House of Representatives as required by the United States Constitution.
At the time, observers cheered these decisions, believing that disarming the gerrymandering demon's tool of malapportionment--unequal district populations--would significantly constrain redistricting mischief.
of the Court's ability to act as neutral redistricting referee and
Only five Oregon counties are divided into districts for purposes of electing commissioners - the other 31 elect their commissioners at large, so redistricting is never an issue in most counties.
The representatives explained that redistricting was based on population results from the 2010 census.
Still, you would think Perata might take redistricting more seriously, seeing that in February, voters will decide the fate of a ballot measure that would water down term limits, thus allowing him to hold on to his office.
The redistricting was done in the midst of the Chandra Levy scandal.
The Ohio proposal would have allowed groups or individuals to submit redistricting maps to the appointed commission.
Redistricting of the Alaska State Legislature after the 2000 census proceeded under the terms of a 1998 state constitutional amendment that placed full authority for the task in the hands of an independent, five-member public body--the Alaska Redistricting Board.