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At the time, observers cheered these decisions, believing that disarming the gerrymandering demon's tool of malapportionment--unequal district populations--would significantly constrain redistricting mischief.
In the decades following Baker, reformers have struggled to forge new links to chain the dreaded gerrymander--and have had some notable successes such as the federal Voting Rights Act and the adoption of citizen redistricting commissions by ballot initiative in states such as Arizona and California.
refinements of formal redistricting criteria (5) or fairness formulas
of the Court's ability to act as neutral redistricting referee and
In "What is Redistricting in the United States," Scarinci explains the redistricting process in simple language and outlines its history since 1787.
Only five Oregon counties are divided into districts for purposes of electing commissioners - the other 31 elect their commissioners at large, so redistricting is never an issue in most counties.
The at-large councilors run city-wide, and those positions would not be affected by redistricting.
Still, you would think Perata might take redistricting more seriously, seeing that in February, voters will decide the fate of a ballot measure that would water down term limits, thus allowing him to hold on to his office.
The redistricting was done in the midst of the Chandra Levy scandal.
The redistricting process has historically been subject to criticism because state legislators are the ones who draw the lines.
The new school was part of a redistricting plan that would shuffle students from eight of the city's 10 high schools.
Will we soon be able to write out a function that captures the social value of a districting arrangement, plug this function into a computer, and wait for the "optimal" redistricting plan to emerge from our laser-printers?