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The only change compared with Scenario 1 is that the production is redivided between the enterprises, and the profit is somewhat less than in Scenario 1.
The modification of the original AWW included moving the riffle beetle and mayfly to group two and the Stream Quality Assessment Scale was redivided into excellent, good, fair, poor, and very poor.
In curbing the powers of the Federation's 89 governors, soon after he was elected in May 2000 (see OMT), President Putin redivided Russia into seven super-districts and named a presidential representative for each one of them.
Unable to tolerate the relatively free-wheeling political life in the south and increasingly beholden to northern politicians who opposed the Addis Ababa Accord and pressed him to base the constitutional system on Islamic law, President Ja'afar Nimeiri unilaterally redivided the south into three provinces and then imposed Islamic public and criminal law on the whole country.
One-half of the serum volume from each subject (100 mL) was pooled and then redivided into four equal aliquots; one aliquot was retained as native sample, and MMA was added to the other three aliquots, corresponding to an increase in concentration of 500, 2000, and 10 000 nmol/L.
The area of Israel and Jordan has been divided and redivided into geomorphological or geographical subdivisions since biblical times.
Off this is a double length, 55ft long drawing room with a fireplace at either end, easily redivided but useful entertaining space.
This project took many years to complete as she divided and redivided what began as a few society garlic clumps and propagated her roses from cuttings.
As the population expanded and more younger sons survived, holdings were divided and redivided among heirs.
The system acquired an even more sectarian bias in 1952 when a new election law redivided Lebanon into 33 electoral districts (instead of 5) and drew new districts according to sectarian affiliation, as estimated in the disputed 1933 census.
The 50 hospitals in the small teaching and small general clusters were redivided according to the number of residents per million dollars of VA PPS controlled budget.