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252) Some Knesset members argue that there is a need for a redivision of jurisdictions and that some matters (like child custody and matters concerning local governments and municipalities) should be transferred to the district courts.
The Ohrid Agreement entailed a redivision of the country's internal administrative units, creating fewer units with far greater autonomy.
But as long as negotiation over the future of Jerusalem is required, the ultimate redivision of the city is assured.
This mixing of Israeli and Palestinian populations has made a redivision of the city inconceivable.
Legally, it was a League of Nations mandate, the euphemism adopted by the victorious powers for redivision of the spoils of war.
This is partly because it is easier to write authoritatively about episodes in Jerusalem's history than to attempt in one book the whole story from modest Canaanite origins to arguments about the reunion and possible redivision of Israeli and Arab Jerusalem.
interest is to promote enlargement while avoiding any redivision of Europe into blocs, one in the West and one based on Russia.
The construction programme which Israel has instigated, with a patchwork of Israeli and Palestinian areas appears, on the surface at least, to make a redivision of the city almost impossible.
Al-Bashir's action brings to an end a long period of discussion in Sudan about the merits of further redivision of the country.
It is much more important, rather than engaging in sterile arguments about the redivision of the public pie, to organize balanced statistics on the regional level, which would include drawing up a balance of the social product, a balance of fixed assets, the largest segments of the consolidated financial balance, and, most important, consolidated indications of socioeconomic development, such as net material product, net output by enterprises in sphere of material production, gross national product, overall volume of consumption of material goods and services, and summed indicators of social production efficiency.
A recent redivision of responsibilities across the prime and subprime platforms should allow the company to leverage and assist with different functions across each site, as well as take advantage of time zone differences to maximize borrower communications with the company.
For example, Ryan and Conlon, Gentle Invaders; Jenny Lee, 'A redivision of labour: Victoria's Wages Boards in action, 1896-1903', Australian Historical Studies, vol.