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If you feel puzzled about how to connect "rednecks" and "queers" in a logical way, then Hubbs has already made her first point without us even opening the book: much of what we think we know about rednecks and queers and how they relate is false.
Something tugs in my chest not to tell him about the Redneck, but I have the sense to break my rule this once.
The fact that Jimmy Carter, probably our most redneck president until Bill Clinton came on the scene, or his brother Billy, the ultimate hillbilly First Brother, is not even mentioned in this book is a glaring omission.
Such behavior swept the South and West in the '70s, but its headquarters was Austin, the city at the heart of Jan Reid's The Improbable Rise of Redneck Rock (University of Texas Press).
I have heard redneck jokes previously, even some funny ones, so this is not one of these "politically correct" sort of rants.
The stereotype of the farmer as rustic simpleton or uncouth redneck is, like most stereotypes, easily refuted: All you have to do is compare it with a number of real people.
Elvis (the "first redneck nigger") may not have wanted to be black, but he badly desired the inexplicable passage the blues seemed to offer.
A lot of the trainers are very redneck, full of mcho stuff.
activists are no more crackpots than are redneck loggers who believe the myth that wilderness preservation has eliminated their jobs.
His sympathetic portraits of redneck heroes, and of decent white sheriffs and intelligent gentlemen farmers, are a welcome antidote to the unflattering caricatures we often get on television; but in the end his enthusiasms are suspect.
Austin Based Band Pokes Fun of Its Redneck Roots While Taking on Texas Sized Sociopolitical Issues on a Blistering Self-Titled Debut, Which Was Produced by David Eaton (Van Halen, Warrant) and Ratt Drummer Bobby Blotzer
This unconventional war game strikes at the inner redneck in all of us.