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The Castaic agency is in the process of redoing that report, and the new one is expected later this year, Masnada said.
You will be able to spend much more time planting and reaping the rewards instead of fighting with pests, redoing work you already did that failed or wondering why something that should have grown well, didn't.
The renovation also includes electrical work, redoing the exercise room, plumbing and tile repair, replacing the drapes on the stage and improving handicapped access to meet current rules and regulations.
Since we're looking at redoing district boundaries, rather than do a boundary change this school year, we want to make the opportunity available to students who opt to go to another school,'' Livingston said.
22 will help pay for new wrestling mats, resurfacing tracks, redoing baseball and softball fields, refurbishing scoreboards and replacing old hurdles and worn uniforms.
We are gutting and redoing the building, which will grow from a three-vehicle showroom to an eight-vehicle showroom,'' said David Pierce, general manager of BMW, Audi and Porsche in Thousand Oaks.
The Redevelopment Committee so far has approached Herald's about redoing its storefront, but action has not progressed beyond discussions, said Havilland, who described talks as friendly and cooperative.