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The "cloister," the combined convent and nursing home, saturates the senses with austere beauty, from the contrast of the cross on the wall to the redolence of roses.
My favourite onion fact is the world record for semantically independent consecutive uses of the word 'onion' which was set by Anthony Burgess in his novel Enderby Outside, when he wrote the immortal lines: '[He] breathed on Hogg-Enderby, bafflingly (for no banquet would serve, because of the known redolence of onions, onions) onions.
For analytical purposes within this paper, I will use the word "andaya" to refer to the Cairo flats where aragi is brewed due to these spaces' somewhat "public" redolence as Sudanese drinking establishments.
The house, designed and built by Neil himself, is large, spacious, welcoming and has a redolence of woodfire and good coffee.
A redolence encapsulate, now drifting Just for one whispering moment you are there,
Its scorching heat, bone-dry climate, bleak emptiness, and near virgin state were new and daunting to this Midwesterner with, as he later put it, "the redolence of corral dust still in my hair.
The redolence of familiarity comes from the fact that health care in the U.
A key aspect of Jordan's films and writing is the redolence of this aesthetic formation of identity, even going beyond explicit symbolic correlations like that between the armalite and the saxophone in Angel.
I knew I mustn't risk repelling you with my ripe and regularly applied redolence of Pickett's Pest-B-Gone.
In 2 Cor 2:14 he describes God as "leading us in triumphal procession in Christ, and making evident in every place the redolence of his knowledge.
I suppose it might be quite diverting for a moment to get the redolence of someone selling insurance, of fish fingers or pizza, of holidays or a new car.
And with an autumn campaign to make it the essential Christmas stocking scent already on the drawing board, the retro redolence is on its way back.