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If anything, he said Johnson's murder 'will cause us and, I'm quite confident, it will cause our Saudi colleagues to redouble our efforts to go after terrorists wherever they are trying to hide'.
With its core values under siege, the United States should redouble efforts to promote integration, not retreat into isolation.
became the new leader of the National Association of Health Underwriters, vowing that the 17,000-member association would redouble their efforts to insure every American.
REDOUBLE, from John Akehurst's in-form string, is strongly fancied to land the nap at Bath today in thehorsesmouth.
Mel White, the cofounder of Soulforce, an interfaith gay rights group--vowed to redouble their efforts.
If anything, Lynn asserted, the attack on Americans United has only spurred the organization to redouble its efforts in this area.
Celebrating and learning about Jesus' remarkable inclusion of women despite strong cultural prohibitions of the time can inspire us all to redouble our efforts to end the systemic inequality of women in the church.
hospitals to redouble their vigilance against the spread of staphylococcus.
It should encourage the politicians of all parties to redouble their efforts and redouble them again.
WASHINGTON -- A report today indicating a sharp decrease in identity theft is good news for consumers and should be a call to arms to redouble efforts by consumers, business and government to fight the crime, according to Anne Wallace, president of ITAC, the Identity Theft Assistance Center.
against Christians in Iraq and called on the Iraqi government to redouble its
Today, as we commemorate the death anniversary of this great leader, we must redouble our efforts to give the people a better quality of life, prompt and inexpensive justice and above all unwavering faith in their own destiny.