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Redoubling of this line has been one of Wrexham council's strategic rail objectives and has been a priority of Taith, the regional transport consortia for some time.
He said: "This is hardly the peace that the government talks about, so we will be redoubling our efforts to demand an end to the war.
Elsewhere, the AICPA is redoubling efforts to offer opportunities to enhance member competence and maintain the profession's commitment to high-quality performance.
We have experienced the close cooperation of all the countries in the region in the war against terror, and were able to play a helpful role last spring and summer to defuse a dangerous crisis between India and Pakistan that could have led to a catastrophic conflict, and we are redoubling our efforts to reduce tensions in Kashmir.
EMC, which had a disappointing first quarter of sales into this space is redoubling its efforts.
This very free process of redoubling causes the vocabulary of Bambara to be non-context-free," says Culy.
With Mike Maciag's new role, Ousterhout will be redoubling his work on the company's innovative build technologies, working closely with Vice President of Engineering Anders Wallgren to help enterprises break through the build bottleneck and streamline build processes in leading software development organizations.
It followed Network Rail's announcement last month that it planned to carry out redoubling along at least part of the route.
To introduce this proven technology in North America, Rhodia's (NYSE:RHA) Electronics & Catalysis business is redoubling its efforts to clear regulatory reviews and introduce the company's Eolys(TM) fuel-borne catalyst to the U.
I very much welcome the redoubling of efforts to find a solution to this problem.
NEW YORK -- ValGold Resources Limited, (VAL-TSX Venture), the Vancouver based exploration company which acquires, explores and develops mineral properties in Canada and China, is redoubling its efforts to reach US and international investors.
In anticipation of the Spring and Summer home buying and selling season, we are redoubling our efforts to encourage adoption of The Nehemiah Program(R) by the tens of thousands of Realtors, mortgage brokers and even those individuals selling their home privately.