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Crashbrake - July 22, 8pm CDC (US), Redound - July 25, 8pm
Of course this theory does not always work - there have been brilliantly organised conferences in the midst of chaos and terribly put-together meetings in the best of environments - but these exceptions redound more on the abilities or lack of them of the organisers than on the undercurrents informing the conferences.
For instance, if a man with leprosy were to learn that there is an antibiotic that could cure him, the intensity with which he would will to be healthy would redound into willing all of the acts by which he could attain health (i.
That they now looked with disfavor at Tunisia's move from authoritarianism to democracy does not redound to their credit - and should never be forgotten.
But there are two benefits that do redound to a hero entrepreneur's home country.
But it is not purely an altruistic act to help the new executive, because the ultimate benefit should, hopefully, redound in a similarly powerful way to the company.
Through the lens of childhood obesity prevention, we can see many places across our various service programs where the lines intersect and opportunities exist to improve federal and state policies and programs to support positive, healthy actions that will redound significant benefit in terms of child health and future success, not only for the child but for the state as well.
But as the deflationary pressure of global imbalances must invariably redound upon surplus and deficit country alike, we must ask, like Keynes, "If not this, what then?
The government's "theft" of the body and its nervy warning to the family not to mourn his death is far beyond cruel, and will redound to the shame of those who performed this vile deed.
The supercilious pose does not redound entirely to Melendez's credit, but it makes a forceful impression.
Having mis-controlled, he side stepped a challenge to hit a powerful 22-yard drive that Wayne Guthrie could only parry and John Flood pounced on the redound.
Reduced inflation will bring down the cost of business, it will encourage consumers to consume more, and this will redound to higher profits for business.