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For the above, therefore, two matters must be considered before a husband can be deemed a stranger to the suit and thus can file an independent civil action: (a) whether the obligation of the judgment debtor spouse redounded to the benefit of the conjugal partnership or not; and (b) the character of the property must be taken into account.
Article 122 of the Family Code explicitly provides that payment of personal debts contracted by the husband or the wife before or during the marriage shall not be charged to the conjugal partnership except insofar as they redounded to the benefit of the family.
I really subscribe to the idea that we had a very good team prior to entering the 2010 elections, from the days in the Senate and even in Congress, that it could have redounded to a lot more benefits if it did happen.
They boil down to the question: Has the involvement of Jojo Binay with the BSP redounded to the BSP's benefit, or has it redounded more to Binay's political and financial benefit?
I would consider that my service has already redounded to the public good and I can contribute more to what is good for the public by offering my resignation," the senator added.
Streamlining the process of setting up shop in the Philippines eliminated opportunities for corruption and redounded to savings in the time and energy of companies," he said.
With their [Supreme Court justices] decision, it seems as if no government official can be confident in bidding out programs and projects, when the threat of a lawsuit hangs over their heads," he said, citing suspended projects such as "health centers, agricultural facilities, and other social services that would have redounded to the benefit" of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
Aquino said he was "bewildered" with the high court's ruling, questioning the "logic" behind the justices saying that the "DAP redounded to a lot of good, but in the same breath, saying that as a method, it was bad.
While local vehicle sales have been increasing during the past few years, this has not redounded to domestic assemblers, as the share of imported vehicles has also grown vis-A -vis units assembled in the country.