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The conspiracy redounds to the advantage of both rulers and writers: to rulers because it suppresses the potentially subversive difference of writing, to writers and the literate because it casts them as the models of social rationality (1920).
If I have to perform some action to survive or to advance my prosperity, it is a misuse of language to speak of that action as benevolent even if it redounds to the benefit of others.
The protagonist's absorbing communion with the environment redounds in the triumph of Biamonti's esthetic: the invention of the literary equivalent of the impressionistic brushstroke.
9) To the extent that a benefit redounds to the leader's (or member's) company, the benefit is quite likely to be remote or attenuated.
Because of our partnership with the national government, we are able to generate growth that redounds to our host province, municipality and community,' Consunji added.
The bill redounds to the full benefits of government against wastage, political identification and patronage that creates an atmosphere of social dissonance among constituents," Castelo emphasized.
People need to see that achieving the common good ultimately redounds to their own personal good-and that impairing the common good also impairs their own personal good.
Your growth redounds to increased livelihood opportunities for our people, which in turn redound to an empowered consumer base and a productive citizenry able to take part in spurring the growth of our economy and of our region," he said.