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Compensation for injuries sustained; recovery or restitution for harm or injury; damages or equitable relief. Access to the courts to gain Reparation for a wrong.


verb adjust, aid, allay, alleviate, appease, atone, change, compensare, compensate, correct, cure, ease, expiate, fix, heal, help, improve, make amends, make good, make reparation, make up for, mend, pacify, palliate, propitiate, put right, readjust, rectify, relieve, remedy, repair, restituere, restore, right, satisfy, set right
Associated concepts: legal redress
See also: adjust, award, collection, compensate, contribution, cure, disbursement, equity, fix, habeas corpus, help, indemnification, justice, payment, recompense, recourse, recovery, rectify, reform, reimburse, reimbursement, remedy, remunerate, renew, repair, reparation, repent, requital, resolve, restitution, restore, return, satisfaction, trover

REDRESS. The act of receiving satisfaction for an injury sustained. For the mode of obtaining redress, vide Remedies 1 Chit. Pr. Annal. Table.

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The statute redresses the balance of power between the minority Tutsis and the majority Hutus.
Body Psychotherapy redresses the balance, offering insights into a spectrum of approaches within body-oriented psychotherapy.
Fleshing out the texture of spiritual experience by exploring active community virtues like charity (the focus of John Henderson's studies of confraternities), Eckstein redresses the balance of Ronald Weissman's picture of these groups as refuges from agonistic social relations: "Drago emerges as a community whose everyday life was steeped to an extraordinary degree in religious symbol and metaphor, to the point that the sacred became indistinguishable from temporal concerns" (xxi).