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As a result, Harriers struggled to break down Lincoln's massed ranks of defence while goalkeeper Tony Breeden was reduced to the ranks of spectator for most of the game.
He stood in the tunnel before the game against Egypt, not at the head of the team but reduced to the ranks, shifting nervously in the England line-up.
Bolam played Nesbitt Gunn, a former drama producer who had been reduced to the ranks and was bullied constantly by his power-crazed boss Kevin Hughes (Keith Barron).
Lance Corporal Joe Glenton, who was also reduced to the ranks, was sentenced at a military court in Colchester, Essex, after admitting the awol charge.
You can't help feeling, though, that something precious has been wasted: that a man who might have become one of the great examples of what an ordinary groom can do if he has the brains and the application is being reduced to the ranks again by nothing more than cruel fate.

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