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com)-- Varvel SpA, long-established Bologna-based company, since 1955 specialized in designing and producing speed reducers and variators, has always put constant innovation at the centre of its activity so to constantly offer state-of-the-art products, in technology and performance.
Certainly, duration of lifetime also depends on manufacturing method, storage, the conditions where the gearbox operates, reducer maintenance conditions, and on global technical level of exploitation.
The results presented show that implantation of the Neovasc Reducer in the hearts of refractory angina patients is feasible and safe, and that the objective and subjective improvements in angina scores and in ischemia parameters that were seen six months after implantation were maintained for the entire three-year follow-up period.
If the efficiency for the inverse actuation is null or negative, then the analyzed reducer transmits the power irreversibly and, therefore, the motor's brake becomes superfluous.
In practice hydrocarbons prior to their application as a reducer are subjected to the conversion: steam-and-water, oxygen, carbon dioxide or a combined one [3].
difficile outside the hospital were three times as likely as uninfected people to use proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), such as Prilosec, and twice as likely to use H2 blockers, an older class of acid reducers.
Thus, we have two different mechanisms of attack on these alkanes by two different but related sulfate reducers.
Browning Shaft Mount Reducers are available in sizes 107 to 608 with available ratios of 5:1 to 35:1.
The company's product line boasts a wide range of inline, parallel, and right angle speed reducers with solid output and shaft mounted design, from the smallest sub-fractional reducer to several thousand horse-power ratings in size, Brownrigg notes.
Additionally, modules are shared amongst reducer sizes, keeping spare parts to a minimum while maximizing flexibility for ratio changes.
Gear reducers - The use of lubricant with gear reducers is recommended by equipment manufacturers, however, the use of synthetic lubricants (to reduce friction in the reducer and allow operation at a reduction in power) has become prevalent.