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1] is divisible by p, the reducibility of f (x) in Z[[x]] is linked to the existence of a p-adic root of positive valuation.
However, DMF also can be used as a reductant for Ag ions; therefore, we compared the reducibility of DMF and TP by reducing AgN[O.
Hence, reducibility alone is not a reason for the good performance of SCPRE-based preconditioners.
In cases of soft tissue or bony glenohumeral deformity with loss of passive or active shoulder motion, treatment options available depend upon time of recognition and age at diagnosis ("early" versus "late"), the magnitude of GHD, and the reducibility of the subluxation or dislocation if present.
In this section our aim is to give necessary and sufficient conditions for the reducibility of linear dynamic systems on time scales, which include the results of [14,15].
It is in one-to-one correspondence (for a concrete explanation of this fact, using the reducibility of the pure spinor constraint, see the appendix of [5] and [18]) with the six terms in the nominator of the partition function
81) The reducibility of burdens of proof to numerical terms appears to be widely accepted, although it remains controversial in some circles.
Second, if anybody can show that this formula is predicative or the axiom of reducibility will not be valid even by a happy chance, according to the axiom of identification of variables, the logical product of two functions
As shown in Figure 9, for the used catalysts, hydrogen uptake and the percentage reduction decrease, which reveals that regeneration of the used catalysts at the reduction conditions similar to reduction step for fresh catalyst, cannot recover the catalyst reducibility as well as catalyst activity by 100% at all locations of the reactor.
Kanovei begins with an explanation of the descriptive said he read it back ground, and some theorems of descriptive set theory, then progresses to such topics as Borel ideals, equivalence relations, Borel reducibility of equivalents relations, elementary results, countable equivalence relations, hyperfinite equivalence relations, the first and second dichotomy theorems actions of the infinite symmetric group, turbulent group actions, summable equivalence relations, equalities, pinned equivalence relations, and the production of Borel equivalence relations to Borel ideals.
We extend the results concerning reducibility of knots by 4-moves, that is, we show that Nakanishi's conjecture holds for all knots up to 10 crossings, all knots in family 6*, and knots obtained as a closure of any 3-braid with at most two successive clasps.
Other types of capital have their efficacy "which reduces social exchanges to phenomena of communication and ignores the brutal fact of universal reducibility to economics" (Bourdieu 1983).