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In the literature, "water reducible acrylic/alkyd systems" have been synthesized in different ways [48-63], For example, post polymerization technique has been used for synthesis of the waterborne alkyd/acrylic hybrid latexes [48].
The goal of this paper is to give an explicit factorization over Z[[x]] for reducible polynomials of the form
Furthermore, since M's and D's causal powers are reducible to the causal powers of their tokens, and since M and D necessarily (and not contingently) have the same tokens, (8) M and D have the same causal powers.
If e has no endpoints in a triangle, then e is reducible.
But he redefines modification as the emergence of new modalities, as new modes of being that resulted from an emergent process involving a reprogramming of ordering principles into a new level of ordering principles that are not reducible to the entities of the lower domain.
0008% (8 mg/kg or 8 ppm) reducible sulphur, may be assumed to be non-tarnishing, but if more than 0.
6) Historians interested in Vichy's political engagements, antecedents, and legacy will have to reckon with Childers' argument that Vichy and post-war French family policies were discontinuous not for reasons reducible to left-right politics (79) but because the latter eschewed gender as a marker of citizenship (3).
Initially, we hope the repertoire requested for our student's first experience is at an attainable level for them, or at least reducible to a playable version that can promise success with practice.
The Coulochem III electrochemical detector delivers highly sensitive and selective detection in HPLC and readily quantifies picogram to femtogram levels of oxidizable or reducible compounds.
Specific topics include phase-parameter relation and sharp statistical properties for general families of unimodal maps, Hamiltonian operators in a noncommutative world, the deformation of space as a complete affine structure on the 2-torus smooth, parabolic foliations, the H-principle and pseudoconcave CF manifolds, wild knots as limit sets of Kleinian groups, an extension of the Burau representation to a mapping class group associated to Thompson's group T, Paonleve's Theorems I and II, and the growth rate of contractible closed geodesics on reducible manifolds.
All classical information-processing machines are subject to these laws--and because information seems to be rattling back and forth in our brains, do the laws of information mean that our thoughts are reducible to bits and bytes?
Materials and Methods: A retrospective analysis of 50 consecutive patients with reducible type II or rostral type III odontoid fractures, operated at our hospital with anterior odontoid screw fixation.