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On Arnold's analysis, the content, or what is represented, has no role to play in the causal continuum that is essentially reducible to representations and the awareness of them.
0] is neither a unit nor a prime power, then f (x) is reducible.
But given that happiness, according to Bok, is not simply reducible to personally experienced sensate states, the question can be asked: Can one be genuinely happy while knowing that there are situations in the world where great unhappiness--engendered by 'deceit, violence, [and] betrayal'--is being experienced by others?
Ultimately, Appiah's cases tell us more about the moral value of this concern than they tell us about honor, which includes but is not reducible to the concern for reputation.
Each level is determined by ordering principles (laws) that are not reducible to the ordering principles at lower levels and that are not derived from the lower level principles.
Some of the key policy choices that come before Parliament are not easily reducible to party lines - just look at the decision to go to war in Iraq.
Reams of Data--Little Data Intelligence: We have tons of "risk" related data but limited ability to interpret it and use it in order to head off losses that were ostensibly preventable or at least reducible.
Islamic philosophy is not reducible to Islam as a religion or "it has no uniquely "Islamic" essence" (x).
However, easily reducible manganese, carbonate, and sesquioxide Zn contributed directly to the DTPA-Zn in both the pre-maize and post-wheat soil.
If you function in a universe of discourse where there is nothing but the material world as claimed by modern science, then there is no choice but to explain higher life forms as the evolution of lower forms and reducible ultimately to material aggregates.
6) Historians interested in Vichy's political engagements, antecedents, and legacy will have to reckon with Childers' argument that Vichy and post-war French family policies were discontinuous not for reasons reducible to left-right politics (79) but because the latter eschewed gender as a marker of citizenship (3).
Initially, we hope the repertoire requested for our student's first experience is at an attainable level for them, or at least reducible to a playable version that can promise success with practice.