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How much pay in lieu of notice can a redundant employee receive from the RPO?
Publication of duplicate or redundant data or content in journals of different disciplines or different languages is a violation of this principle.
Reinsurance Trust Agreement: The captive insurer establishes a reinsurance trust and transfers to it for the sole benefit of the ceding insurer some or all of the proceeds, as necessary, raised from the issuance of its equity interests in an amount equal to the redundant reserve, plus proceeds required for the economic reserve, management of trust assets is the same as described under the surplus note structure.
A port selector is a component that enables redundant data paths in the event of a failure.
The primary and the redundant modules are provided with a bypass that allows complete isolation for maintenance, while preserving conditioned UPS power to the critical load bus.
Therefore, redundant air conditioning systems are critical such as roof top dry coolers as back-up to the primary cooling towers.
NET's financial backing and world-class advisory services will play a strategic role in our expansion," said Alan Lange, chief executive officer of Redundant.
The Redundant TX to FX Media Converter provides a cost- effective and reliable means to safeguard against downtime caused by problems with the cabling plant.
With multiple datacenters in Dallas and Houston, The Planet/EV1Servers provides fully redundant dedicated hosting solutions that are readily available and scalable.
The simplest RAID configurations either "stripe" data across two disk drives to increase data transfer speed (RAID-0), but offer no data protection; or "mirror" redundant data onto a second drive, without increasing performance (RAID-1).
In addition to this extremely high performance, the Vanguard Ultra Elite offers the security of hot swappable redundant power supplies and fans and supports automatic rebuilding for an array in the event of a hard disk failure.
With its simple switching architecture, APC's Redundant Switch, which previously was accessible only in a Smart-UPS 1400/High Availability Redundant Switch package, is now available as an independent solution, offering greater flexibility to work with a broader selection of existing APC Smart-UPS(R) uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

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