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The most frequent noun phrase errors were in the use of articles, particularly the omission of the indefinite article in obligatory contexts, the use of "the" redundantly, omission of the article "the," and redundant use of the articles "a" and "an.
The volume's division into three redundantly titled subsections reflects its overriding concern with the Bible's impact on Caribbean culture.
and redundantly through a regional operations center in New Jersey, StorageNetworks VSP software gather massive amounts of data from tens of thousands of disk volumes spread across the StorageNetworks GDSN.
As they are not trying to win over the uninterested, there's not a deep-fried, sugared, overly sauced, or redundantly cooked morsel at any of them.
The first two chapters, by Peffley and Hurwitz and by Sniderman, Piazza, and Harvey, describe somewhat redundantly the context of the project and the questions addressed.
We designed a redundantly redundant system for continuous web site uptime at a starting price under $10K," explained Cubix's VP of marketing and sales, Jim Zakzeski.
The mythological title, meaning, redundantly, "Unrestrained Ecstasies," refers to the Corybants, spirits associated with the goddess Cybele.
So instead of talking redundantly about the details of Christ's passion, we'll just mention him at the beginning of each station, thank him briefly for dying for us, then get on to the business at hand: justice for NIKE plant workers, the volunteers of Bush Radio in South Africa, and "all those who work long hours at jobs which are boring or dangerous.
The Institute submits, however, that the proposal is seriously flawed because it would misguidedly and redundantly impose burdens on taxpayers.
The goal is to create interoperable products that can manage patient care across its entire continuum without having to redundantly enter data -- the "one-time entry" that everyone thinks of as ideal.
Anyone contemplating truly original work should focus on these second and third generations, and the institutional consequences, and not redundantly return to the first generation.