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Thomas further suggests that the implicit juxtaposition of constrictive casting practices against actors' boundless potential reduplicates the rhetorical strategies of studio marketers, who sought to lend prestige and coherence to often-scattered and inconsistent film careers.
With the constantly changing pattern of sensory experiences, one's structural understanding of the rooms containing the columns is continually thrown off balance, producing a mode of perpetual mental alertness that reduplicates and condenses the most salient feature of the contemporary media environment--the ubiquitous engagement of attention and memory.
He argues that Kierkegaard's famous slogan, "truth is subjectivity," means that a true life is one that reduplicates as closely as possible the ideal for human existence, through a transformation of the subject's cares, concerns, and emotions that brings them into line with what is really good.
The reader is thus forced to make a personal experience of deprivation, which reduplicates the poet's own experience of loss and stimulates a wider reflection on the consequences of human agency.