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In another study by Ihezuonu and Anedo (2008) on the language form/variety of Okwudo in Igbo, they observed that complete reduplication involves the reduplication of the whole v-structure, and is used for the formation of nouns from verbs in Okwud.
This empirical review is evident that the morphological processes of Igbo language have received attention by researchers with stress on reduplication and affixation.
No significant differences were revealed between the pretest and posttest scores for the whole Description Skill Scoring Rubric of the control group and the criteria of successive/ subordinating clause, reduplication, metaphor and adjective criteria, (p<0.
As is seen in Table 5, the results showed that there was a significant difference between the experimental and control groups in the whole Description Skill Scoring Rubric as well as the concretization, reduplication, simile and adjective criteria.
Egalement codifiee dans cette premiere sequence est la strategie narrative de la reduplication.
Sur le plan de l'enonce, sa traduction en espagnol releve de la reduplication puisque "traduire, c'est produire un double" (Brisset 153).
Before entering the theory-oriented part of the book, Carl Rubino introduces the reader to the variety of forms and functions that reduplication can take in the languages of the globe.
However, to my mind, the trickiest question is how we can distinguish between repetition and total reduplication, since partial reduplication is relatively straightforward and easily discernible in languages with morphology.
Reduplication is attested in all branches of the Afroasiatic language family, including Chadic, Cushitic, Egyptian, and Semitic.
This study focuses primarily on reduplication that is found in nominal derivation, as in (lc).
These two methods are formally distinct and produce very different types of reduplication.
Morphological doubling is a morphologically driven, morphologically mandated doubling that is at work in cases like total reduplication in Dyirbal, illustrated in (1).