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Two questions on babbling are included in the Early Vocalizations Scale, which both capture a segmental dimension of early vocalizing activity: one on reduplicative babbling in which parents report on whether their children repeat a well-formed syllable several or many times, and one on variegated babbling, in which parents are asked whether their children combine syllables 'which are not all the same'.
E o proprio Mugnai quem insiste sobre o carater hipotetico de sua tese: "Leibniz was aware of the tradition of the reduplicative sentences and their expositio.
Reduplicative (and intensive) morphology can also indicate ITERATION (or PREDICATE QUANTIFICATION).
Seligman, also preferring the reduplicative form 'vadavada', said it referred to 'predatory bushmen, who might fall upon and kill a wandering Koita, as well as to certain non-human beings stated to kill men with an egg-shaped stone club, make medicine of the body, and then bring the victim to life again' (1910:187).
Diminutives and augmentatives can be suffixal, prefixal, infixal or reduplicative.
The Reduplicative Passive in Older Egyptian: Description and Typology.
In the second half of the twentieth century, the term 'confabulation' had been extended to other disorders characterized by false statements, such as anosognosia, false recognition, or paramnesic misidentification (deja-vu, Capgras, Fregoli, intermetamorphosis, reduplicative paramnesia).
Only structural types of syntactic reduplicative constructions and their meanings will be considered leaving aside their actual use in written and spoken language (frequency, various discourse functions etc.
Phonological correspondence plays no role in morphological doubling; reduplicative morphemes (like the "RED" of Base-Reduplicant Correspondence Theory; McCarthy and Prince 1995) play no role in phonological correspondence.
In 1921 Tunste [pseudonym of Paul Bryan, a National Puzzlers' League member] revealed to Puzzledom the famous formula for constructing a 10-square out of five different reduplicative words--a clever idea, the practicality of which has since been fully demonstrated.
Chapter 9 describes investigations of a man who experienced reduplicative delusions, suggesting a visual basis to the disorder.
Among its applications are the fallacy of secundum quid et simpliciter, the [GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] of reduplicative propositions, the conversion of reduplicative propositions, the reduplicative syllogistic, and the supposition of terms in qua propositions.