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Amr Moussa "instituting reforms Moussa reechoes the and establishing sentiments of democracy" Presidents Obama and Bush Table 4: Quotations from prominent persons in the international community in the BBC report on Libya Source Quotation/ Reference Implicature NATO concerned about the NATO was concerned Secretary-General termination of the with the security of Anders Fogh UN Security Council the Libyan citizens.
Al-Faisal said in a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu following their meeting that the resignation of opposition ministers from Al-Hariri's government reechoes Lebanon's internal divisions scenario.
It is noteworthy to comment that the United Nations Convention on the use of Electronic Communications in International Contracts not only reechoes the wording of the ECTA and the UNCITRAL Model Law on e-commerce but also adds an additional dimension by stating that no one is necessarily obliged to conclude an agreement or produce evidence in electronic form.