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Her death gives us a splendid opportunity to revisit the case and reeducate ourselves.
I was delighted to read ["Scared Straight," Readings, August] about Refuge, a safe place to reeducate overly promiscuous people and homosexuals--in particular, about Refuge's refusal to let its clients listen to the music of Bach and Beethoven.
People will only make the hard effort to reeducate themselves on some courses which not only have quality but also offer real qualifications that can change their lives for the better.
Fearing a loss of face during the 2008 Olympics, Beijing's Communist Party secretary has vowed this year to reeducate people who use locally invented profanity to cheer and jeer players at sporting events, a Beijing newspaper reported Friday.
Second, American officials feared that if word of the program got out, Germany might try to reeducate American POWs about fascism.
The win is a boost for Birds Eye's 14m [pounds sterling] campaign to reeducate consumers about the healthiness of frozen foods.
We have two options with our judicial system - we can either reeducate, that is teach the criminals not to commit more crime,or we can punish, that is to punish the criminal so that they no longer wish to commit a crime or at least so they know that they will face severe punishment for committing that crime.