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Rose, at right, the same case other schools in the mock trial competition will reenact.
For instance, in Enter the Night, Tressa, a nurse, and her gay friend Jack--an off-Broadway stage manager whose lover has died of AIDS complications--cross-dress to reenact their favorite scene from the silent movie Broken Blossoms.
People subjected to sudden and severe stress are considered to have post-traumatic stress disorder if they reenact the experience through dreams, thoughts or flashbacks and if they display emotional numbing and detachment.
By the time Cher and Maggie Smith reenact the sort of kiss-and-make-up scene that Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins did in their sleep, we expect this on-screen flash: "July 5, 1943
He's traveled the country in a series of performance pieces that reenact his very gay adventures and often end with his pants around his ankles.
Staging a nasty parody of a half century of lesbian images, the Brothers gleefully reenact the tragic fates that inevitably befall lesbian characters in cinema, stage, and supermarket fiction.
The Truckee Railroad Regulators "601" western performance group will reenact actual historic gunfights on the streets of Truckee.
It's payback time: Holding the bishop hostage, Simon forces him to watch as his fellow prisoners reenact the events of 1912--a tragedy that marked both their lives forever.