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REEVE. The name of an ancient English officer of justice, inferior in rank to an alderman.
     2. He was a ministerial officer, appointed to execute process, keep the king's peace, and put the laws in execution. He witnessed all contracts and bargains; brought offenders to justice, and delivered them to punishment; took bail for such as were to appear at the county court, and presided at the court or folcmote[?]. He was also called gerefa.
     3. There were several kinds of reeves as the shire-gerefa, shire-reeve or sheriff; the heh-gerefa, or high-sheriff, tithing-reeve, burgh or borough-reeve.

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In addition to making both print and broadcast appearances across the state, Reeves also runs her own blog: Ms.
The Messner Foundation actively seeks out potential future leaders by identifying at-risk high school youth who demonstrate Messner Reeves LLP core values: initiative, leadership, entrepreneurialism, and commitment to community.
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Mr Verner, who travelled from the US for the hearing, denied Apple officials had a "vendetta" against Mr Reeves.
Reeves got back into the contest closing the gap at the 19th end trailing 13-10 to Higgins, who then played his worst two bowls of the game letting Reeves back in.
GTC hearing chairman Tony Neal raised "particular concerns" that Ms Reeve had slept in the same bed as "Pupil A", though no sexual activity took place.
Reeves grew up in the Wenatchee area and graduated from Eastmont High School in 1988.
Despite a reasonable start with a role in the 1939 ``Gone With the Wind,'' the hunky Reeves (Ben Affleck) never made it out of Saturday afternoon serials.
Dermot said: "Albert had Reeves booked into two of his ballrooms.
But a hurricane savaging Long Island, as unfortunate as that would be, would still be less destructive than if the storm landed in New Jersey, which would place Manhattan on the dangerous eastern side of the hurricane eyewall and prone to greater storm surge, said Reeve.
00), Reeves has plenty of good things to say about the great champion of conservatism, although a better way to put it is that Reeves lets the story of Reagan's eight years in the White House unfold organically.
Reeves, 46, was arrested on March 25 when his vintage Jaguar hit a parked car in which a 23-year-old woman was sitting.