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And, in fact, Precision has not sought to reexamine the patents it has been accused of infringing.
The latest survey to reexamine the art of the '60s and '70s, "Live In Your Head" revisits the context of British Conceptualism, in particular the more ephemeral and far-out practices that flourished during that fabled epoque.
With recent changes in benefits regulation, executives must reexamine some of their steadfast policies on financing executive retirement benefits.
Announcement of the "North Central Coast Study Region" kicks off the next phase of the MLPA Initiative process, created to reexamine and redesign marine protected areas (MPAs) in state waters.
Anthracite Lads: A True Story of the Fables Molly Maguires is a unique book that strives to reexamine a facet of American History in a new light.
Eric Friedly, spokesman for the Fulton Country district attorney's office, said that "we may need to reexamine the language [of the law].
There were many more points, however, that made me sit back and reexamine my own prejudices, giving me a new perspective on issues like affirmative action policies, interracial dating and the phrase, "It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand.
In reviewing alternatives, companies will have to reexamine and, in many cases, modify their commitment to current and future retirees.
Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) will reexamine U.
Topol and his coworkers to reexamine studies by research groups that monitored people taking the drugs over several months.
In February, the researchers used Hubble to reexamine the same patch of sky.