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In response to changing needs in the marketplace," Lake added, "ByDesign refashioned its business model to meet changing consumer demand for services such as reverse mortgage counseling, identity theft resolution services and highly-targeted personal finance management education (Spanish-speaking monolingual consumers, high school students, farm workers, etc.
1) Material for recycling is now dumped inside at the refashioned recycling center, not outside where it can be blown away.
In looking back at his own work, Chaimowicz has refashioned a wholly contemporary reflection on personal and social responsibility.
So they refashioned his face using his wedding photo as a guide.
Released in 1981, the song (previously a hit for Gloria Jones) was refashioned into Soft Cell's hypnotic, electronic vibe.
Then he refashioned its primal, abstract, iconographic shapes as a powerful visual syntax for a nation hungering for a new cultural identity.
One obstacle is the nature of available personal documents: a "relation" of her life written in 1654 at the behest of spiritual directors; a version of it refashioned by her Benedictine son into a conventional saintly vita; and a corpus of letters (the editorial fortune of which Davis does not explain) sent from Canada to Marie's fellow Ursulines, other supporters, and her son in France.
Clark's lifelong investigation and extension of that central Modernist paradigm - the relation between figure and ground - began with a series of small abstract paintings, which were followed by hinged, abstract metal sculptures called "Bichos" (Animals, 1960-64) that could be endlessly refashioned, and culminated in numerous objects designed for therapeutic purposes.
Since then, a continually refashioned Asia has continued to sell out concerts and release independent albums, many live and all still beginning with the letter "A" ("Aqua," "Aria," "Arena" and 2001's "Aura" among them).
Kreigh Hampel, a Burbank artist whose projects are made from recycled materials, scours junkyards to find materials for gifts he makes - frames decorated with braided vines along the borders, or furniture he's refinished and refashioned from discarded scraps.
But unlike the ostensible original live horse so many generations removed, the generic 20th-century shirt or skirt had already been conceived and fashioned - represented - before it was refashioned and re-represented by the artist, by LeDray.
Chapman's basic thesis is that throughout his career Rembrandt restlessly fashioned and refashioned his self.