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Pollak's suggestion that NLD someday might be classified within the DSM along a "neuro-developmental disorder spectrum characterized by deficits in social competence, judgment and perception accompanied by impaired everyday functioning referable to these difficulties" This process will require careful characterization of individuals with NLD--as well as other individuals with difficulties in visual-spatial integration, attention, nonverbal memory, and expression and integration of emotion--to establish convergent and discriminant validity for NLD.
What 134 says specifically is that it should not include any amounts referable to what we call the allowances - so the housing allowance, education allowance, travel allowance - all those other bits and pieces that people get," he explained.
Basic working and employment conditions" most importantly relates to "pay" which includes bonuses, commission, holiday pay or other emolument referable to the employment.
A referable advisor consistently does great work for his or her clients, and the clients recognize that.
As we begin this discussion of dealing with referral objections, I'm assuming that you're doing everything you need to do to become quickly referable in your relationships, and everything you can to stay referable throughout your client relationships.
She knows that this particular retailer has a lot of clients and is extremely referable, given the trust and confidence they have in him.
Stroke was defined as a focal neurologic deficit referable to a vascular territory and lasting longer than 24 hours.
Staying in touch with clients enhances the relationship and builds client trust, making agents more referable, and making it difficult for clients to part ways.
The buyer's interest must be referable to that viewing and to whatever else the agent did to promote the buyer's interest," he explains.