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fi/hankinnat ), which include the contract notice, Annex 3, Reference Form, Annex 4, Application Form).
Periodically, the Bar spends approximately 48 cents to send me a hard copy of a confidential reference form to fill out on an attorney who has applied for board certification/recertification.
Mass was celebrated not simply "occasionally" but very frequently - inappropriate ads were placed in newspapers and not all priest invited obtained to our satisfaction the reference form filled by their respective Bishop.
CANCER CAREGIVING A TO Z: AN AT-HOME GUIDE FOR PATIENTS AND FAMILIES describes the most common issues arising in home cancer care, offering patients and caregivers solutions, listing topics in a fine encyclopedia 'a to z' reference form, and offering tips on treatment options, when to call the doctor, and how and where to ask for help.
Alter Glass submitted the reference form, Kevorkian began attending interviews with prospective employers set up by Mercury Medical.
A quick reference form lists all airlines with a corresponding safety-security rating.
7) How useful is the design of the e-mail reference form for conducting a successful reference answering service?
This article was put together to provide the best in current information in a ready reference form.
A detailed description of the order and the amount specified in Annex 2 to the Terms of Reference form the assortment range.
Bidders are requested to complete the attached reference form and include it with their bid submission.
Functional Utility Program and in Volume II Terms of Reference Form Contracts Act.
A detailed description of the contract is contained in Volume II Terms of ReferenceThe terms of reference and in Volume III of the Terms of Reference Form Contracts Act.