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In a society based on hyperreality, referents pose a threat to that society (Baudrillard, 1993).
Thus, we would expect that those developing and implementing strategies would develop referents or strategic cohorts with which to compare themselves and which would be influential in determining strategic choices and that those referents might well be from outside the industry.
As alluded to above, it is also clear that other referents exist here, at the very least that of the "sanctity of human life" or the "inviolableness of human life.
In fact, individuals may use multiple referents for comparison purposes depending on the outcome of interest, and referents may also change over time (O'Neill and Mone, 2005).
cognitive breadth and tolerance of different ideas in problem solving) and referent criterion (i.
Stuart Chase says that he applies "the test of operations to statements whose referents are hazy; by asking what, when, where?
Sentences 1 and 2 are nearly identical except for a pair of special words or phrases; it is the choice of the special word or phrase--in this case lighter / handy --that changes the referent of the pronoun.
Related to this specificity concern is the use of multiple referents (e.
Wedgwood then offers two principles of interpretation, validity and completeness, which take us from the basic rules to the referents (2001: 10-12; 2007: 86-87).
The assessment goal for which the instrument is being developed must dictate the content and the context which are going to be considered, and these will be the referents for the construction of the instrument.