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Gamified: Leaderboards allow customers and sales teams to compete over the greatest number of new sales from customer referrals.
The Audit Team, made up of the author and other optometrists from the Suffolk Local Optometric Committee (LOC), considered the quality of 10% of the referrals of each individual optometrist submitted in Suffolk during the months of July, August and September 2014.
Are referrals up, down or flat since the beginning of the year?
The Board Review Committee on Professional Ethics spent more than a year studying the findings and recommendations of the Special Committee on Lawyer Referral Services.
The survey results also highlight some key trends in referrals that are rapidly being adopted by employers globally.
The checklists below illustrate how legal marketing professionals can help attorneys maximize their referral networks when giving, receiving or seeking new clients through referrals.
The health system found a solution in CareEnhance Review Manager, a browser-based, interactive software from McKesson that automates care-review processes, such as referrals.
Referrals are effective precisely because they aren't considered a form of marketing or sales.
You've earned the right to ask for referrals with your current clients, but have you asked each one?
The Welsh clinical communications gateway (WCCG) replaces hand-written and hand-delivered patient referrals with electronic referrals sent securely from GP practices to the recipient hospital.
When you create a Referral Mindset, referrals are not just something nice that happens every now and then; they are your primary method for acquiring new clients.