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The needle was inserted swiftly and moved in five different directions to elicit a local twitch response and referred pain.
We have found that each muscle that hurts has a specific pattern of referred pain with anywhere from 3 to 11 muscles that could be causing the pain.
You need not have had an amputation to experience referred pain, where pain is projected to - experienced in -- an area of the body other than the site of injury.
Pain in the back of the leg can be caused by a number of problems including bursitis, stress fractures, lumbar referred pain, and piriformis syndrome.
It is suggested here that diaphragmatic cramp may be a cause of some undiagnosed noncardiac chest pains associated with mandibular referred pain.
The spot is painful on compression and can evoke characteristic referred pain and autonomic phenomena"
In conclusion, the article stated that the evidence thus far indicates that positional/dynamic-kinetic MRI (p/kMRI) may prove to be efficacious to incorporate as part of the clinical diagnosis-treatment paradigm for patients with spiral radicular and referred pain syndromes originating from spinal pathology.
Each muscle in that region is then detailed separately stating: anatomy, function, innervation, referred pain, needling technique and precautions.
In addition, one may have a ligament injury or weakness in one part of the body that causes pain in another part, which is called referred pain.
She missed the 2011 outdoor season with a Sacroiliac joint dysfunction, which caused referred pain in her lower back.
Referred pain is common and should always be considered as a source of pain in a joint, e.
Our aim was to analyze the differences in the referred pain patterns and size of the areas of those myofascial trigger points (TrPs) involved in chronic tension type headache (CTTH) including a number of muscles not investigated in previous studies.