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No Back Referrence Shall Be Made In This Regards And Railway Decision Will Be Final.
If that report is accurate, the referrence to a reunited Cyprus could mean that the Republic of Cyprus will not be a signatory.
He also reminded Iranian officials' referrence to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's threats against the country for their accusations against Riyadh.
No terms of referrence but we want code of conduct enacted at the very least before end of this year so that everybody will feel comfortable sailing there because if not then it remains to be flashpoint,' Duterte told reporters in a press briefing at the Phiippine International Convention Center (PICC).
The condolence referrence was addressed by a number of businessmen, who also demanded protection from extortionists and kidnappers.
The first part of the message seems to be in referrence to people calling him a pervert.
There was a very bad atmosphere between the two sets of supporters, but the away section overstepped the line by singing "You're just a small town in Bengal" in referrence to the Taliban.
In extending the mandate of the IMT -- which was supposed to expire by March 2012 -- the negotiating parties also prolonged the effectivity of the Terms of Referrence of the Humanitarian Rehabilitation and Development Component (HRDC).
Ahmadinejad also made a referrence to Bushehr nuclear power plant, noting
By the middle of the next week, Djankov promised he would make public the referrence framework of the government about how much money can be spent from the fiscal reserve.
In the same way, the prevalence of stunting was calculated using Weech's formula (6x + 77 = referrence height of child where x is age in years) (1).
11a, he refers the reader to his own Pramanasamuccaya commentary which was known so far from a single referrence by Mkhas grub, for which see J.