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He warned that if the Saudi regime continues to obey the orders of its masters, a referrence to the Riyadh invasion of Yemen and assistance to the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, instead of safeguarding the lives of the pilgrims in Mecca, it will only pave the way for its humiliation.
Instructions/Remarks: The Tenderers Are Requested To Download All The Attached Documents If Anya Nd Quote Accordingly Without Further Referrence.
The first part of the message seems to be in referrence to people calling him a pervert.
There was a very bad atmosphere between the two sets of supporters, but the away section overstepped the line by singing "You're just a small town in Bengal" in referrence to the Taliban.
In extending the mandate of the IMT -- which was supposed to expire by March 2012 -- the negotiating parties also prolonged the effectivity of the Terms of Referrence of the Humanitarian Rehabilitation and Development Component (HRDC).
Ahmadinejad also made a referrence to Bushehr nuclear power plant, noting
By the middle of the next week, Djankov promised he would make public the referrence framework of the government about how much money can be spent from the fiscal reserve.
11a, he refers the reader to his own Pramanasamuccaya commentary which was known so far from a single referrence by Mkhas grub, for which see J.
referrence here was to the Uppsala assembly (1968), which spoke of the WCC as "a transitional opportunity for eventually actualizing a truly universal, ecumenical, conciliar form of common life" (80) "Councils, Conciliarity and a Genuinely Universal Council", in Study Encounter, 10, 1974, p.
Salman then pointed to Gauhar's referrence to Eli being selected as the team's leader on face value during the Rajneeti task.
He said today military experts make more referrence to an atmosphere of asymmetric wars, in which two countries with different levels of technological advancements confront each other, but no physical battle takes place.
She also made a referrence to the problem of tuberculosis which resists