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The Deputy Speaker put the issue to verbal vote and the House agreed with the referring of the matter to the standing committee.
Doctors will likely think twice about referring to a facility that doesn't offer electronic access to images and reports via a portal.
They respect the provider's choice of physician, explaining the reasons why the patient may need to be seen by another physician, rather than the one requested by the referring provider
Even if the specialist could manage another small problem that the patient has--say, a problem of a different nature--the specialist should not provide this service without first obtaining the advice and consent of the referring physician.
One-quarter of the patients had undergone preliminary treatment with CC under the care of their referring obstetricians.
Innate: when referring to immunity, the local barriers to infection such as skin, stomach acid, mucous, enzymes in tears and saliva, etc.
This was Lee's second employee referral for the company; he had also earned $2,000 for referring a colleague under Tellabs' previous referral program.
Those who complete the program are invited to the Teen Court office to destroy their referring affidavits and can resume their lives without a criminal record.
Referring to events from the New Testament's Book of Acts, he said, "Peter spoke with boldness, and their enemies noticed.
Referring parties expect the provider to have a clear understanding of this financial maze and to take responsibility for negotiating it.
On the other hand, there are no fewer than ten notes referring to non-Shakespearean works by a single writer: Rend Girard himself
Referring to Hillary as "Aphrodite," and speaking of her as if she were Rasputin in drag, he begged Eleanor Clift to reassure him that the First Lady would not claw her way into the job of Chief of Staff.