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b) Bidder refers to any legal entity that may submit, or has submitted, a Bid for the supply of goods
This was in comparison with power output of 599 GWh in 2013, out of which 328 GWh refers to own wind power and 271 GWh refers to co-owned wind power.
Dying refers to the whiteness and the tar refers to the blackness.
Therefore, to leap to the conclusion that arsenokoites refers to men having sex with other males is "linguistically invalid," Martin says.
No Piraha refers to abstract concepts or to distant places and times.
Two turtle doves refers to the Old and New Testaments
Cond-op refers to a property that is actually a condominium building where one condo unit is owned by a cooperative corporation, divided into residential apartments and the rest of the building is one or more commercial condo units.
All domains, in pre-k nomenclature, refers to language and literacy skills, large and small motor skills, math concepts, pre-writing and writing, reading readiness, interpersonal and social skills and self-help skills.
Lincoln refers to this date in the first sentence: "Four score and seven years ago .
refers a patient to an infertility specialist, the sooner she comes back pregnant and happy," Kira Copperman said at the annual meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.