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Homeowners also learn that they can save even more money by shortening their loan term through a refinance.
Fannie Mae launched its Home Affordable Refinance initiative last month as part of the President's Making Home Affordable plan.
A loan of $750,000 for the refinance and renovation of a mixed-use apt.
5 percent, or roughly one out of three, refinance loans to African-American homeowners were from subprime lenders.
In order to meet one of the safe-harbor rules, taxpayers may need to adjust their withholdings, or their estimated tax payments, in the year that they refinance their mortgage.
com is currently licensed in 34 states to refinance mortgages and consolidate debt with cash-out refinancing, and specializes in FHA-insured loans at competitive rates.
November's report showed that HARP refinances accounted for 68 percent of total refinances in Nevada, nearly triple the 23 percent share of refinances nationally.
The name change coincided with the launch of the firm's new national home refinance Web site portal.
They plan to refinance their first mortgage again when they rent it out and will get an interest-only mortgage as recommended.
As rates continue to drop during the early part of this year, the refinance market caught fire.
Taxpayers who refinance personal residences more than once may deduct any remaining points from the first refinancing--those being deducted ratably over the loan life--in the year of any subsequent refinancing.
Most discussions of the decision to refinance a home mortgage have concentrated on the case in which the existing principal is refinanced but no new borrowing is undertaken.