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An $8,500,000 first lien mortgage for the refinance of a 22-unit multifamily on N 9th St.
Total refinance volume increased in May as rates remained below the levels observed at the end of 2015.
A key challenge in determining whether households are failing to refinance is knowing whether a household had the option to refinance--especially given the tightening banking standards over this time period.
Homeowners also learn that they can save even more money by shortening their loan term through a refinance.
Once your financial goals have been determined, there are several other factors to consider when deciding if you should refinance your mortgage loan.
5 percent, or roughly one out of three, refinance loans to African-American homeowners were from subprime lenders.
In order to meet one of the safe-harbor rules, taxpayers may need to adjust their withholdings, or their estimated tax payments, in the year that they refinance their mortgage.
com is currently licensed in 34 states to refinance mortgages and consolidate debt with cash-out refinancing, and specializes in FHA-insured loans at competitive rates.
Marc Tropp and David Merkin arranged a $6,625,000 first lien mortgage for the refinance of a 22-unit multifamily on 16th StNW in Washington, DC.
The agency reported that HARP volume represented 23 percent of total refinance volume in November.
They plan to refinance their first mortgage again when they rent it out and will get an interest-only mortgage as recommended.
As rates continue to drop during the early part of this year, the refinance market caught fire.