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The survey found that 49 percent of mortgage debt holders had refinanced their loan by 2001 or early 2002 but that these refinancers accounted for 53 percent of outstanding mortgage debt.
Michaels' first order of business in his new job was to perform an in-depth analysis of refinancers in order to gain more insight into market trends.
Le contexte monetaire tendu et le manque de liquidite a pousse les banques vers l'activite placement qui genere des revenus recurrents mais qui sert aussi a se refinancer aupres de la BCT a moindre cout.
Elle a precise que la facilite de pret de quatre ans accordee par la Societe financiere internationale (SFI) servira a financer et refinancer l'investissement en capital dans ses operations en Tunisie, en Eegypte et au Maroc.
While the individual has always had the legal ability to purchase their own title insurance, the service has never been marketed directly to the buyer or refinancer.
Ginnie connects individual homebuyers and refinancers using federal mortgage programs with deep-pocket investors around the world -- giant pension funds and banks, among others.
RoboChat will be available on the bank's website to guide potential home buyers and refinancers through the home loan application form, providing real-time natural language input on consumers' questions.
UBank, one of Australia's digital only banks, has unveiled RoboChat, Australia's first virtual assistant to help potential home buyers and refinancers complete their online home loan applications, the company said.
UBank, one of Australias leading digital only banks, has today unveiled RoboChat, Australias first virtual assistant to help potential home buyers and refinancers complete their online home loan applications.
The purpose of these purchases was to lower the term and risk premia of agency MBS, thereby also lowering the rates at which these institutions would provide mortgages to new borrowers and refinancers.
2) Congressional and administration pressure, HUD policy, and the self-interest of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, the quasi-government refinancers of mortgages, played at least as great a role as private bending of the rules.