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Homeowners also learn that they can save even more money by shortening their loan term through a refinance.
In addition to the refinance guide offered on the company's website at www.
The agency reported that HARP volume represented 23 percent of total refinance volume in November.
5 percent, or roughly one out of three, refinance loans to African-American homeowners were from subprime lenders.
I'm a single parent in a one-income household, so had I not been able to refinance, it would've been hard for me to stay on top of my current bills.
Some clients still seek mortgages to buy or refinance homes, while others want to replace variable with fixed rate loans or tap accumulated home equity.
Now, with the Treasury's announcement, another star has come into place and rates have fallen to lows not seen in generations, which may spur some homeowners to refinance again.
FHFA reported that in August HARP refinance loans accounted for nearly half or more of all refinance loans closed in Nevada, Arizona and Florida, while nationally the HARP share of all refinance originations was 24 percent.
The seasonally adjusted refinance index increased to a record high of 9,387.
LPS' experienced consultants help lenders manage the complete refinance process without having to increase internal staff.
27, 1997--Thanks to an FHA refinance loan arranged by TRI Financial Corp.
NASDAQ:SLGN) reports that certain lenders led by Bankers Trust Company entered into a commitment letter under which they agreed to provide and to use their best efforts to arrange a syndicate of lenders to refinance in full Silgan's existing senior secured credit facility.