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Double refined sugar is raw sugar after being processed or refined that it has high quality with almost zero content of dust and sulfur (SO2).
The Whole Truth: "Good source" or "excellent source" foods often have far more refined grain than whole grain.
Refined Tastes: Sugar, Confectionery, and Consumers in Nineteenth-Century America is an examination of how the meaning of sugar and confections changed over the course of the nineteenth century.
Previous research has suggested that diets high in refined grains, such as bleached flour and white rice, contribute to these diseases.
Outlook of Country Oil Refining Industry and refined petroleum products beyond 2011
Stirring a melt that has been previously grain refined using Al-Ti-B master alloys re-suspends and disperses the Ti[B.
That's not only true of white breads, but usually of "wheat" breads as well (they're made mostly of refined white flour).
According to the International Copper Study Group (ICSG), refined copper consumption was 15 million tons in 2000.
pressurized) pulp refining requires a good understanding of how fibers are refined in a disc refiner.
LONDON -- How are the refined petroleum product markets in different countries developing?
Each study contains refinery level information relating to existing and planned (new build) refineries like insights and forecasts of refinery capacities, refined petroleum products production and consumption, refinery complexity factor and comparison against peer group countries in the respective region.
The growth of the Asia-Pacific refining market is largely due to increasing demand for refined petroleum products, especially in countries such as India and China.