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So it is increasingly dependent on costlier foreign crude imports as output in California and Alaska decline, putting California refiners at a disadvantage relative to US peers who can easily tap domestic oil.
It turns out the Indian refiners haven't bothered paying
Although benchmark Brent and West Texas Intermediate crudes are just off multi-year lows, many refiners have previously agreed to pay higher prices for deliveries through to the end of this year and can not pass those costs on to fuel buyers.
The tax break, commonly known as "deemed duty" will take effect from January 1, 2016, on the condition that refiners have fulfilled their commitment to set up hydrodesulfurizer at their plants, Asim Hussain, advisor to the Prime Minister on energy matters, said March 5.
Following those guidelines would be voluntary, she said, but would "ensure that refiners and other participants who meet the conditions" wouldn't face civil penalties.
US refiners have long been prohibited from processing Iranian crude under sanctions, but refiners elsewhere face no such ban.
Many catalyst users may not be aware of the legal requirements concerning effluent or atmospheric discharges by the precious metal refiners they use.
Consumer advocacy group Gas Pump Watch recently released a legal analysis alleging that petroleum refiners engaged in illegal business practices to "constrict gasoline supplies and maximize profits through the rapid elimination of reformulated gasoline containing methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE).
Based upon the results of a trial combined of Metso Paper Turbine Segments and Metso Automation's AQC system for the main line refiners, Tembec has now implemented a full AQC system that will control both quality and energy application for the main line refiners, reject refiner and screening system.
When consumers bemoan higher gasoline prices, station owners in turn respond that it is not their fault because they often are contractually bound to certain refiners and cannot switch to alternative, lower-priced suppliers.