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According to a statement, the Dangote Refinery, in preparation for takeoff, has been sending in batches Nigerian engineers to Bharat Refinery in India, arguably the biggest in the world for training in refinery operation and production.
Over the past few months, CEO PBIT remained in close contact with Grace Refinery, holding several meetings and video-conferences with the management of Grace Refinery and their consultants in UK to convince them to invest in Punjab.
The time took to repair the damage caused to the Refinery had been a record on the international level, as the world's largest oil companies couldn't lay such a short timing ceiling to report such oil installations, due to the size of corruption caused to the Refinery," the Minister added.
New oilfields in the east of Turkmenistan began to be the main sources crude for the Seidi refinery in July 2006.
There has been no investment in the refinery for many years because serious investment would have meant serious layoffs.
A class-action lawsuit has been filed against the same refinery.
Chevron spokesman Fred Gorell would not acknowledge that the Richmond refinery had gone down.
On the other hand the refinery in the North is still on a fixed return of 18 per cent on the equity and is completely dependent on local crude.
We know with the attrition rate we've experienced, we can absorb the remainder of the employees at the refinery into other areas.
Like the Daura refinery, there have been boiler problems at Baiji causing serious bottlenecks.