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AkzoNobel Car Refinishes serves the global car repair market, supplying paint and coatings to car repair workshops and networks working closely with strategic partners such as insurance companies and original equipment manufacturers.
It does look as if the general economy is now slowly beginning to improve, but it really is difficult to predict how that will affect the vehicle refinishes business.
Specific details about the new distribution facility were highlighted by Larry Wlodar, director of operations of Akzo's Car Refinishes.
In the eastern part of Europe, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes now operates through own organizations in Hungary, Turkey and Poland, and worldwide through a network of importers.
The activity will be part of Akzo Nobel's business unit Car Refinishes.
We offer basic product training and spot repair training, but also more advanced application courses," said Aart Mateboer, global product manager, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes.
Up to this date Deckel Lack was the importer for Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes in Sweden.
This new R&D and production facility underscores our ambition to grow the car Refinishes business in the U.
Formerly marketing manager for car refinishes Asia-Pacific, Mr.
AkzoNobel has started operations at its vehicle refinishes plant in Changzhou, China--the company's 30th manufacturing facility in the country.