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In addition to blocking email-borne malware, Reflexion Total Control assures the delivery of desirable email and even helps users detect unauthorized address-sharing.
With this capability, Reflexion partners can now consolidate all of their Reflexion offerings to the Cloud on VAR Dynamics' powerful, stable platform, and VAR Dynamics' partners can quickly deploy the most effective email security, archiving and encryption services in the industry.
Through this program, Reflexion helps its partners grow their business with high-value capabilities, including:
Quite a number of our members are loyal Reflexion partners, and we have received many testimonials about the quality of their services and technical support," said Jerry Koutavas, President of The ASCII Group.
If an AOTF starts to attract spam for any reason, Reflexion automatically empowers users to control its further use.
Introduced in 2005, the Applied Reflexion LK Ecmp system eliminates traditional CMP slurries by using an electric charge to remove bulk copper from the wafer at high throughput, cutting chipmakers' operating costs.
Reflexion's technology is at the forefront of the trend to use an email sender's identity as the basis for eliminating spam," said Alex von der Goltz, partner at Boston Capital Ventures and Reflexion board member.
The Applied Reflexion LK Ecmp system achieves all of these challenging goals while improving throughput up to 25 percent and reducing operating cost up to 30 percent compared to conventional copper polishing systems.
Current resellers are offering Reflexion Total Control as a comprehensive e-mail security solution that can be deployed either as an installed server appliance or hosted by an ASP.
Applied Materials' latest CMP system, the Applied Reflexion LK, features a low downforce, high throughput platform that enables the manufacture of a broad range of low k dielectric materials for 90nm production, with extendibility to future design nodes.
We have been using Reflexion for more than a year with phenomenal success," said Leo Hermacinski, a partner at The Parthenon Group, a management consulting firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco and London, England.
By integrating SCP's vapor drying technology on our Reflexion LK system, we've made it possible to polish advanced copper devices using low k films (k less than 3.