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However, a different view was taken by the appeal judge who substituted the prison term with reformative training instead (Nur Azilah Bte Ithnin v Public Prosecutor, 2010: paragraph 20):
The range of activity-focused, reformative, and reintegration programs a jail might implement, with varying levels of complexity and resources required, including programs that are no cost and easy to implement;
Ade Ali (2001:124) explicates the above when he said that "the essence of punishing the offender is to have a reformative effect.
Not only do textbooks support a rule-based view of mathematics, but state and district assessment programs are often designed to assess computation-centered instruction, thereby creating another impediment to reformative mathematics.
She'll relate something to the audience about her socially reformative parents, or a tenderly recalled memory about going to the cinema with her brother Tom, or refusing to star in her brother Dick's "dreadful" play, then run to the ringing phone, barking into it with acid-reflex sarcasm when she doesn't get the answer she wants from her agent.
IN these times of soft sentences, human rights of the prisoner being cited, and prisons more akin to a holiday camp than a punitive and reformative measure, I am not surprised that failed Sudanese asylum seeker Waleed Ali would rather reside in Holme House Prison than Fulbeck House.
This integration is most obviously present in the subsections referencing "The Ecumenical and Reformative Appeal," and "The Gospel of," each of the three trajectories.
He argues that deep-seated social problems cannot be legislated against, but rather, need to be confronted with socio-economic reformative programs.
Cross-strait dialogue formally commenced in early 1990s when China began implementing reformative policies and opening to the outside world.
He says: "Tentative steps to involve prisoners' families - who have an inbuilt incentive to prevent re-offending - in reformative programmes have shown promise.
Our reformative journey had started and the next job was to hire a small skip.
Whether nature or nurture, a common point was the change in attitudes regarding the purpose of justice, shifting from retributive to reformative intent.