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The Kapunda Herald correspondent perhaps 'enhanced' his accounts of the reformatory girls, not unlike many of the narratives about St John's stating:
The need for an industrial reformatory for young men was due because of the current custom of mixing young men and older men together.
The pages provide a harrowing glimpse into how tough life was for kids within reformatory schools - the forerunner to borstals.
CIRYL DA GREAT -- "Adolescence" is the sophomore album from Reformatory Records pilot artist Ciryl Da Great, featuring credits from all over with up-and-coming music producers including NSTRMNTL (Gary, Ind.
Jurgen Harder's essay highlights the substantial criticism coming from reformatory inmates, from left-wing newspapers, some medical experts, and even from among reformatory staff.
No girls would be sent there, and the asylum was not some new-built reformatory, but a rented farmhouse.
He was briefed on the aims of the Juvenile Reformatory House, which provides shelter, care, reform and rehabilitation of juveniles who have been sentenced by the Court.
Spaulding, a physician, classified the mental states of over four hundred women in the Massachusetts Reformatory for Women.
YOUNG tear away Colin Smith (Tom Courtenay) is sentenced to Ruxton Towers Reformatory for the attempted robbery of a bakery.
Myers begins the study with the 1869 Acts respecting Industrial and Reformatory Schools, which were part of the reformatory impulse concerned with neglected children and intimately connected with the Catholic religious orders and notions of nation-building influenced by the Catholic hierarchy.
The Tokyo Family Court on Friday ordered a 17-year-old boy to be sent to a juvenile medical reformatory for attacking five people with kitchen knives in a rampage on a shopping street in Tokyo on Jan.
The work deals with the necessity of transformation of the present pre-school teachers' concept of informatics and information education subject to conditions of reformatory processes in higher education of the Republic of Croatia.