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Both the State reformatory system and the convents detained girls for reasons as being destitute, uncontrollable, consorting with boys, drinking alcohol or had simply had been picked up by the police.
After receiving the documents, Mr Al Sharie sent a memorandum to the Director of the Dammam Reformatory Jail on August 27 requesting approval for the fingerprinting of Mr Lanuza," Binay said.
There was a need for an institution for federal women prisoners, a need for an industrial reformatory for young men serving their first sentences, and employment for the prisoners in the three federal prisons at the time (Federal Reformatories for Women, 1962).
The pages provide a harrowing glimpse into how tough life was for kids within reformatory schools - the forerunner to borstals.
CIRYL DA GREAT -- "Adolescence" is the sophomore album from Reformatory Records pilot artist Ciryl Da Great, featuring credits from all over with up-and-coming music producers including NSTRMNTL (Gary, Ind.
Al-Hussain and other HRC members expressed satisfaction over the positive outcome of corrective measures taken by the administrative department of Makkah reformatory.
Jurgen Harder's essay highlights the substantial criticism coming from reformatory inmates, from left-wing newspapers, some medical experts, and even from among reformatory staff.
No girls would be sent there, and the asylum was not some new-built reformatory, but a rented farmhouse.
He was briefed on the aims of the Juvenile Reformatory House, which provides shelter, care, reform and rehabilitation of juveniles who have been sentenced by the Court.
Summary: Casablanca - HM King Mohammed VI visited, on Monday, the Oukacha reformatory in Casablanca where the sovereign toured the pedagogical complex of the minors penitentiary and inquired about the results of the socio-professional reinsertion system carried out across the Kingdom by the Mohammed VI Foundation for Inmates Reinsertion.
The articles range in topics, from what a women's reformatory should and did look like to descriptions of incarcerated women and the causes of women's criminal offending.
Mr O'Keefe said: "Many children would have been placed in industrial and reformatory schools by alternative means, such as Health Board referrals, my Department would not generally hold records for such persons.