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36) He followed it for the next few nights with his 6-inch Grubb refractor, noting changes in the comet's tail, and it finally became visible to the naked eye on Sept 29.
The polyphony of textual voices in Porter's short story is the formal refractor of an attitudinal and ideological polyphony.
Nicolet unveiled the Nicolet Smart Refractor, a specular reflectance accessory that provides a high sensitivity for grazing angles.
WITH everyone thinking about where to go for their summer holidays, it's time for me to pull out my nine-inch refractor.
A self-retaining refractor is not always your friend.
On April 18, 1982, they aimed Meudon Observatory's 102-centimeter refractor at a star (AGK3 + 17[deg.
The standard refractor and reflector telescopes that introduced many to astronomy still have their uses, but a more versatile invention has been stealing the limelight lately.
Non-corneal, scleral tonometry fits right in among mobile solutions such as VuPad-Ultrasound, SE500 Automated Perimeter, 2WIN Auto Refractometer and VisionFit Wearable Adaptive Refractor.
BRIEN HOLDEN Vision Institute (BHVI) is providing optometry students in the UK with the opportunity to "learn refraction faster" with its virtual refractor.
It's a bit of a routine target for imagers, requiring nothing particularly special--a DSLR on a short focus refractor on a driven mount is probably enough to capture it, with not too long an exposure needed, especially if stacked.
The author continued his programme of measurements of double stars using a 150 mm refractor and an Astrometric eyepiece.
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