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A refractor is generally more rugged than other types of scopes since its lenses are not likely to become misaligned due to rough handling.
A 5-inch refractor is ideal for high-resolution visual use on the Sun, Moon, and planets.
The new owner of Hay's refractor lived at Beaulieu in Hampshire and, to quote David, the instrument was installed 'in a purpose built dome, located in the garden of a very large property which had a walled garden'.
Today's telescope market offers a bewildering array of choices--long- and short-focus refractors, countless varieties of reflectors, Go To scopes, Dobsonians .
Later "twins" included a 7-inch refractor and 20-inch photographic reflector made for British astronomer Isaac Roberts, and an 8- and 16-inch pairing put on display in Manchester, England, in 1887.
I decided to test the water by getting time on a famous telescope: the Alvan Clark refractor at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona.
Many years later when I saw both members of the double star Gamma ([gamma]) Ceti with my 5-inch refractor, the thrill wasn't from discovery.
King in his 1955 History of the Telescope mentions in a short note that Captain Ainslie had built a folded refractor using an 8" Grubb lens.
About a year later, while my wife, Molly, and I were roaming around a flea market, I found a 3-inch refractor that must have been at least 30 years old.
While at Lick I was an observing assistant assigned to astronomer George Herbig, helping to complete a spectrographic survey of bright stars using the 36-inch Clark refractor.
Once the 36-inch Lick refractor was operating further and fainter stars were discovered, with Burnham finding mag 16 G and Barnard mag 16 H; the difficulty in finding these stars being caused by both their closeness to each other and the nebulosity which clouds the area.