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In the present study, decreased weight of control testes is due to the refractoriness [29].
Ionic mechanisms for prolongation of refractoriness and their proarrhythmic and antiarrhythmic correlates.
As previously stated, one of the drawbacks of using sodium acetate as water reducer is the well--known fact that the presence of sodium negatively affects the refractoriness of these samples.
Candida biofilm would also explain the frequent relapses seen in these patients, as therapeutic relapse and refractoriness are hallmarks of biofilm infections.
Refractoriness to the treatment of sodium stibogluconate in Indian kala-azar field isolates persists in in vitro and in vivo experimental models.
SUNCT syndrome: prolonged attacks, refractoriness and response to topiramate.
36-38) The 5-HT may be released in serotonergic nerve terminal fields including the median preoptic areas and promote sexual refractoriness during the post ejaculatory interval.
Single-donor platelets are indicated for patients where allo-immunisation and refractoriness have occurred.
For example, although there is consensus on the criteria of a terminal state and symptom refractoriness, authorities disagree about whether PSU is appropriate for existential suffering and about how close to death the patient should be before PSU is introduced.
Some experts undertake such adjustments as a standard practice, (10) whereas others warn of the dangers related to loss of platelet activity because of over-handling and refractoriness.
Sexual refractoriness and the locomotion effects on the brain monoamines in the male rat.
Familial syndrome combining deaf-mutism, stuppled epiphyses, goiter and abnormally high PBI: possible target organ refractoriness to thyroid hormone.