refrain from action

See: forbear
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The 10-point measure urges both sides to refrain from action that could undermine the peace effort "including continued expansion of settlements and demolition of Palestinian homes in the occupied territories.
uk/news/press_statements/dpp_statement_on_tom_daley_case_and_social_media_prosecutions/) In a statement announcing the decision , Starmer asserted that the CPS decided to refrain from action against Thomas because he intended the message to be humorous, he did not intend it to be seen as widely as it was and later expressed remorse for the tweet.
IT IS not possible for human beings to refrain from action.
If they thought they did, they would immediately refrain from action because whatever action would be taken, however innocent or well intentioned, the result would be comparable to pulling the plug on the Hoover Dam while standing on the spillway.
When a conflict occurs, the first step is to refrain from action.
We ask all supporters to refrain from action detrimental to the club and to report incidents of which they are aware.
Participants have covenanted in the transmission service contract to set rates and charges sufficient to meet their obligations, to make payments due as an operating expense of their electric systems, and refrain from action that would impact the tax-exempt nature of the bonds.
He urged Hamas, the Islamic movement which runs Gaza, to refrain from action that would cause the conflict to worsen.
Hezbollah, which 24 hours after the Israeli air raids has yet to offer any official comment on them, will probably refrain from action this time and keep its powder dry for the next time Israel hits a target inside Lebanon.
The commitment to refrain from action at the UN ends after the nine-month period agreed for talks.
The peacekeeping force has been in contact with both sides to request that they refrain from action which could be perceived as provocative.
She said the Council members stressed that "all parties should refrain from action that undermine trust, feed skepticism and make the peace talks only more difficult," and expressed "serious concern" about actions that could potentially undermine the status-quo of the Holy sites, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque Compound and further exacerbate tensions.