refrain from action

See: forbear
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ae1/4oeAll parties are encouraged to refrain from action that will create more tension in an already volatile environment,ae1/4Ci it said, urging the Palestinians and Israel ae1/4oeto resume final status negotiations in order for the two nations to live side-by-side, in peace, and within secure and recognized borders.
IT IS not possible for human beings to refrain from action.
When a conflict occurs, the first step is to refrain from action.
We ask all supporters to refrain from action detrimental to the club and to report incidents of which they are aware.
This includes the refrain from action of inhabiting on the presently uninhabited islands, reefs, shoals, cays, and other features and to handle their differences in a constructive manner.
He urged Hamas, the Islamic movement which runs Gaza, to refrain from action that would cause the conflict to worsen.
The commitment to refrain from action at the UN ends after the nine-month period agreed for talks.
uk/news/press_statements/dpp_statement_on_tom_daley_case_and_social_media_prosecutions/) In a statement announcing the decision , Starmer asserted that the CPS decided to refrain from action against Thomas because he intended the message to be humorous, he did not intend it to be seen as widely as it was and later expressed remorse for the tweet.
Brussels has urged Turkey to avoid threats and refrain from actions that could damage relations with the bloc.
The Governor said without the sacrifices paid by men and officers of the Armed Forces, there would not have been an entity called Nigeria today, and as such, it was for the people to always refrain from actions that are inimical to the peace, unity and oneness of the nation.